Our Worship

We base our worship services, as with all that we do, on the examples of the first Christians. Inasmuch as it is possible to duplicate their worship activities, that is our aim.

Jesus said that true worshipers worship God "in spirit and in truth." Worship must come from within us, and it must be genuine.

With that foremost in our minds, we participate in the same activities as the early Christians.


Prayers are offered by men of the church to draw near to God, to request forgiveness and favor, and to express love and admiration for our God.


Songs are always sung a capella, which is Latin for "in church style." This refers to singing without accompaniment by musical instruments. The singing is one aspect of worship by present-day churches of Christ that often stands out to visitors. But not long ago, all people who called themselves Christians sang this way, thus the designation a capella. While the practice may be long forgotten by most religious people, we sing this way because all examples of musical worship in the New Testament were with singing only. (Ephesians 5:19)


The breaking of the bread is a memorial to Jesus the Christ. We observe this every Sunday as disciples have always done (Acts 20:7). This portion of our worhip is of utmost importance to Christians, as it is during this time we reflect on our Lord's unjust and cruel death (1 Corinthians 11:23-24). Each individual determines his/her participation.


Our church family provides for our needs. While you are welcome to contribute, there is no expectation for you to do so. We use what is collected to fulfill our mission.


Each Sunday a God's word is proclaimed, generally in the form of a sermon.

Worshipping With Us

We know it is not easy walking into a group of strangers, so we want to make your visit as comfortable as we can. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. All of our work, therefore, revolves around the fundamental hope that there's a happy ending to life - which is the beginning of something better. Because of our hope, our work is focused in three primary areas:

Spreading the Good News

We were all fortunate to have been taught about Christ by someone. It is not only our obligation, but our great desire to teach others so that they can join us in our hope. To this end, we offer teaching through many avenues: our worship services, home studies, online lessons, group text thoughts, and mail-in Bible courses just to name a few.

Continual Learning

Being a Christian is about growing better every year. For this reason, we study and meditate on God's word constantly. Both our public and private studies help us grow stronger spriitually, just as physical exercise helps build a stronger body.


When one member hurts, we all hurt, whether financially, emotionally or otherwise. We are here for each other.